Are you a RespOrg?

YES, Our RespOrg Id is ZXS20 - 800 TOLL FREE NOW

 Do I need broadband Internet?

YES, IF - you are going to use the system as a VOIP thru your will need a DSL,...

 How long til my number is activated?

You can begin using your toll-free or local number usually within 24 hours. Your new phone number...

 Is there a limitation on the length of the outgoing message and if so, what is the limit? (ie - the message that a person would hear if the call wasn't answered and went to voicemail or a sales message that the caller would listen to)

10Mb in size, is the largest file that you could upload into the system.

 Is there a setup or activation fee?

Yes, $50.00, but no where in the US & Canada will you find a better deal...  We've been...

 Is this Truly Unlimited?

No, you have a total of 10,000 min to use which is still virtually unlimited.

 Where can I route my toll-free or local number?

You may download and use the voip software or route your toll-free number or local number to any...

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